The Federation North and South Cowton Community and Melsonby Methodist Primary Schools

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Regular school attendance has always been important.

Without it the efforts of the best teachers and the best schools will come to nothing. Education provides a means of advancement for all young people. Pupils need to attend regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them in law. Irregular attendance undermines the educational process and leads to educational disadvantage.

Reporting Absences

It is parents' responsibility to inform school of the reason for a child's absence as soon as possible.

Parents are expected to contact the School Office on the first day of absence before 8:45 am giving as much information as is available at that time. If the absence is prolonged, interim information would be appreciated, so that the school can help with homework or other necessary arrangements.

On their return to school, any follow up information should be shared from parents confirming the reason for their absence and giving any other appropriate information eg medical appointments or discharge notices.

In the event of no contact having been made regarding a child's absence, the parents will be contacted by the School Office. If unexplained absence continues, or the school is concerned regarding irregular attendance, the Local Authority Attendance Officer will be contacted.

Leave of Absence

What is the procedure for applying for leave during term time?

The procedure for applying for leave of absence during term time can be found below.  An application should be made to the Executive Headteacher of the school at the earliest opportunity and ideally at least 6 weeks prior to the requested date of leave. 

Confirmation will be provided by the Executive Headteacher if this request has been authorised or not. 

It is vital that parents and carers do not book any travel until confirmation has been providedNb.  We do recognise that not all requests can be made 6 weeks in advance.

A leave of absence application form will need to be completed (see below).   A paper copy can be obtained from either School Office if preferred.